Privacy: Beginning or the End?

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As the developments in information and communication technologies improve almost every aspect of our lives and activities, new concerns related to their proliferation are becoming a focal point of passionate debates. One such concern is privacy. It, now, became easy to collect and store personal/private information through various technological means with or without individual’s consent. Often, people advertently publish personal information without fully considering its consequences. More importantly, one piece of private information, once leaked/published in the cyber-world, may stay there forever.

Also, concerned parties have different views on privacy issues such as the definition of privacy, classification/identification of private information, and approaches to management of privacy. Therefore, the issue of privacy is multi-faceted concerning many disciplines such as computer science, law, sociology, psychology, etc. In addition, regulators, private/public sectors, and law enforcement agencies have strong interests in matters concerning privacy. While there are strong business incentives in collecting and analyzing data that may contain private information, a similar business incentive exists for protecting individual’s privacy to create a trust relationship between the customers and the companies. The business, definitely benefit from regulations/best practices since conformance to regulations will quantify their reliability in privacy issues. In summary, regulations/best practices can benefit all concerned parties if they are made in context of a concerted effort.

"Privacy: beginning or the end?" is a question we need to discuss from different perspectives in a platform that brings all the stake holders. Do or can we give up our privacy? Or do or can we give up benefits of collecting and analyzing the data, which may be suffocated through strict regulations and control.

The conference strives to create a platform, whereby representatives from the aforementioned disciplines and stake holders, can openly voice their concerns while understanding and appreciating others’ perspectives. Interaction of ideas will also be an important step in increasing awareness of the subject.

The conference will start with the talk by Faruk Eczacıbaşı, vice-chairman of Eczacıbaşı Holding and president of the Turkish Informatics Foundation. Leading international experts and sector representatives will give talks while organized panel sessions assist in exchange of ideas.

Conference dates: June 20-21
Conference place: Sabanci Museum, Seed (
Sponsors: Sabanci Universty, MODAP